Hidden Gem

The best is yet to come…

The Best is yet to come…

We like to keep this tour as a surprise especially if you want ‘to go somewhere a wee bit different’. This tour will take you to Historic castles and sites, as we drive through rolling farmlands, natural dense forests, and pretty rural villages, to a hidden gem where you can sample from the largest selection of Scotch whisky and Scotch Gin you ever saw, browse through a unique selection of shops, stroll through natural gardens – you will be spoilt for choice on this tour. On this tour you can join in the fun, with 1 of 2 options

  • Under the guidance of our craft designer you can join the work shop and make your own Scottish Craft to take home. (Session 1 hour)
  • Book a Scotch Whisky or Scotch Gin tasking session. Here you can choose from a selection of spirits distilled from all over Scotland. You will get personal and specialised knowledge on the making of malt whisky and gins, and, advice to help you choose the right spirit for your enjoyment. (Session 1 hour) Prices to attend workshops are an additional charge.

Tour Reviews

December 7, 2016


Two or three things make Elizabeth a special tour guide. First, for us, was that she didn’t just rush us away from one tourist spot to the next. An example of this was when we chose ‘The Hidden Gem Tour’ which took us to a restful, interesting and charming spot in the heart of the countryside. Instead of going by main roads, she took us through a bewildering series of country roads. The scenery was both beautiful and interesting – a real treat. Another big plus is her own obvious interest in, and love for her native land. Overall – top class value for money.

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